Travel Insurance

Sometimes unexpected situations may arise before your departure date that could result in a financial loss should you have to cancel your trip for unforeseen reasons.

That is why North Star Travel and Tours will recommend insurance protection for your trip.

The right coverage will protect your family, yourself and your financial security. It will also ensure that caring professional help is ready, when you need it in an emergency.

If you think you’re ready for your trip and you’re not sure you need travel insurance, ask yourself these critical questions.

  • Would you lose any money if you had to cancel your trip?
  • Would you get your money back if you had to interrupt your trip?
  • If you had to stay longer than scheduled, would your extra hotel and meal expenses be reimbursed?
  • If you became ill or injured, would your emergency medical expenses be covered?
  • Would you have to pay up-front for any emergency medical reasons?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you and your family in the event of an emergency sickness or accidental injury, damage or loss of personal property which can occur at anytime while you are travelling away from home.

Our travel insurance coverage s designed to give our valued customers maximum flexibility and choice in choosing the right coverage at a competitive price.

Since government health insurance plans pay only a small portion of the expenses incurred for emergency out-of-country hospital or medical services outside your province of residence in Canada, it is important that you purchase additional emergency medical insurance before travelling to protect you and your family in the event you experience an unexpected sickness or accidental injury while travelling.

Ask us for details today.

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